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Gain a competitive edge with our powerful Chrome extension designed exclusively for Zazzle users and sellers. Unlock the potential of data-driven decision-making by accessing comprehensive insights and analytics right at your fingertips.

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Keyword Insights:

Unleash the power of keywords! Our extension allows you to delve into the depths of Zazzle's product landscape by revealing the most impactful keywords used in product listings. With this invaluable information, you can optimize your own listings for maximum visibility and discover trending keywords to stay ahead of the competition.

Product Performance Metrics:

Get a bird's-eye view of product performance. Our extension provides real-time data on the number of viewers, monthly estimated views, and publication dates for each product. Uncover valuable insights to understand customer preferences, identify emerging trends, and fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Enhanced Sorting and Filtering:

Effortlessly navigate through vast product catalogs with our advanced sorting and filtering options. Seamlessly sort products based on date, price, reviews, total views, and monthly views. Gain a competitive advantage by quickly identifying top-performing products and stores based on their badges.

Search Volume Analysis:

Stay one step ahead with search volume data. Our extension collects search volume statistics for suggested keywords, giving you a deep understanding of user interests and search trends. Leverage this information to optimize your product listings and align your offerings with market demand.

Seamless Integration:

Our extension seamlessly integrates into various sections of Zazzle's platform. Enjoy its features in the product search page, design page, store's product tab, and during keyword searches. Maximize efficiency and productivity as you explore the Zazzle marketplace.

Subscription Packages:

Unlock the full potential of our extension with our subscription packages. Test the waters with a 7-day free trial to experience the power of data-driven insights. For those serious about taking their Zazzle business to new heights, our Pro License offers unlimited access to all features and updates. Conveniently purchase your license via Gumroad, ensuring a hassle-free and secure transaction.

Features You should Consider :

  1. Search volume for the suggested keywords when you start searching. (pro only).
  2. Summary of search results like:
    1. Average view of the current page’s products
    2. Total search volume for the searched keyword
  3. Sorting Features on parameters such as:
    1. Date on which the product is published or created.
    2. Price of the products.
    3. Reviews
    4. Total views
    5. Estimated monthly views from the creation of the product till date.
  4. Each store / seller is given a Badge name by Zazzle. This extension enables a feature which lets you sort by the badges or group the search results of the current page based on the badge names.
  5. Extension pulls up all the used keywords for the current page’s products and sums up for you as ‘Focused Keywords’ or most used keywords by the products.
  6. For your conveniences extension let’s pro users copy the focus keywords with a single click.
  7. At the bottom of each zazzle designs our extension adds a small analytics meta data section which shows some important data for each designs such as:
    1. Total views for the individual design.
    2. Monthly views for the individual design. (pro only).
    3. Rating given by the buyers / users.
    4. Date created
    5. Store name, seller name.
    6. Badge of the store. (pro only).
  8. Inside store’s product tab you will get some more information for your research such as:
    1. Total number of products that individual stores have.
    2. How many categories that store has created.
    3. Seller name
    4. Number of reviews and average rating of that store.
    5. Number of followers.
    6. Store badge and zRank of that store.
  9. Inside Zazzle’s product’s page you will have the access to the following information:
    1. Total reviews, average rating, number of followers and store name for each individual product.
    2. Summary data of the current page on Total followers in current page, average price and average reviews for the current page.
    3. Ability to sort the current page by reviews, rating, followers and price.
  10. When you search for a design or browse through a store’s product lists, you can also check the specific keywords each individual design used. (pro only ). 

All these features and more come with our extension to help you do better research and optimize your own products to get more exposure and possibility to get more audiences.

Don't settle for guesswork when it comes to your Zazzle business. Equip yourself with the Zazzle Product Analytics and Research Chrome Extension and make data-driven decisions that propel you towards success. Take the first step to optimize your listings, boost your sales, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Access to blazing fast and smart zazzle resaerch and analytics features that will help you do product research and optimize your own products on zazzle.


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Lyn Analytics For Zazzle

3 ratings